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Endowment Fund

The goal of the Fund Development Committee is to research, develop and plan long-term financial strategies for the League. Historically, we have met this goal through membership dues, community alliances and fund raising efforts. However, times are constantly changing, which results in varying funds for community service and support from year to year.

Several years ago, the membership agreed to establish an Endowment Fund that, in time, would provide financial support for the projects and activities of JLCU. Like the many other Leagues that have endowment funds, we will need to grow our endowment fund over a number of years. All gifts and contributions to the JLCU Endowment Fund become principle and will not be spent. However, once we meet our goal of $100,000 we will be able to use the interest earned from the Endowment to help fund JLCU projects and activities. Our Endowment Fund, when matured, will allow JLCU to secure our credibly within our community, allow long range planning, assure our financial security and allow our members to focus more on community service and projects than on fund raising.

The Fund Development Committee also plans social events through the year. The social events are planned to appeal to a variety of interests. In addition, we will accept donations to the fund. Members will have the opportunity to donate directly to the fund, as well as make a gift to JLCU Endowment Fund in honor or memory of a family member or friend. This is a special way that you can remember a birthday, anniversary, new baby, or significant occasion in the life of a friend or family member. An appropriate card in your name will be sent to the family member or friend expressing your thoughtfulness. All donations and gifts will be highlighted in the League Life and posted on the JLCU web site, unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous. A donation to the Endowment Fund is a great way to support JLCU and our mission.

Consider how you might want to support the JLCU Endowment Fund.