Student Scholarships

The Junior League of Champaign-Urbana is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.

Volunteer Award:
With that in mind, each year we recognize the spirit of voluntarism in Champaign-Urbana high school graduating female,including  individuals that identify as female through our scholarship program.  A scholarship in the amount of $500 is offered to one female, including individuals that identify as female graduating senior from Centennial, Central, Judah Christian, St. Thomas More, University and Urbana high schools who has demonstrated a strong commitment to voluntarism.

The Guidance/Student Services offices at each school has an application available.  Please submit your completed Volunteer Award application directly to your school guidance counselor, not to Junior League.

First In The Family Award
As the Junior League is committed to promoting fair and equal opportunities for women, one female, including individuals that identifiy as female recipient who is a first generation college-bound student will be chosen from all the Champaign-Urbana high schools to receive a $500 scholarship.

You may fill out an online application or download an application to be filled out and returned to Junior League by the deadline listed below.

Application Deadline: April 10
Winners announced prior to the May General Meeting 2020

Student Scholarship Recipients

High School Scholarship

Each spring the Junior League of Champaign-Urbana presents college scholarship awards of $500 to Champaign-Urbana high school, senior-class women. The women are chosen by their respective schools based on their commitment to voluntarism, school activities, and leadership. Since 1997, over $29,000 in scholarships has been awarded.

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Michelle Miller – Judah Christian

Aneriben Patel – Champaign Centennial
Kristiana Mininger – Champaign Central
Doriane Tshabu Mulunda – Urbana
Macheila Anderson – University High School
Sophia Behrensmeyer – St.Thomas More

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Savannah Arreola – Urbana High School
Malaak Sadaah – Central High School
Kaylie Malenius – Centennial High School
Chloe Polluck-Muskin – University High School
Ruth Zielke – Judah Christian
Grace Aubry – St. Thomas More

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Hannah Sweeney – Urbana High School
Leah Roberts – Central High School
Margaret Akinleye – Centennial High School
Sarah Zhang – University High School
Jenna Clark – Judah Christian
Kayleigh Doyle – St. Thomas More

2016 Scholarship Recipients 

Jenna DeLuce—Centennial High School
Coltrane Zerai-Che—Central High School
Cara Nash—Judah Christian High School
Sara Lee—University Laboratory High School
Sophie Davenport—Urbana High School
Ellen Sobeski—St. Thomas More High School

2015 Scholarship Award Recipients

Allison Wisniewski – Centennial High School
Mia Miller – Central High School
Alexis Burgin – The High School of St. Thomas More
Brookelyn Childers – Judah Christian High School
Isabel Morford-Cheibub – University High School
Hanna LaFond-Hyman – Urbana High School

2014 Scholarship Award Recipients

Lauren Miller – Centennial High School
Brittany Bancroft – Central High School
Mariya Sturdyvin – The High School of St. Thomas More
Katie Rummery – Judah Christian High School
Megan James – University High School
Maeva O’Brien – Urbana High School

2013 Scholarship Award Recipients

Deanna Briscoe – Centennial High School
Shivali Patel – Central High School
Lauren MacKichan – The High School of St. Thomas More
Kaitlyn Duchien – Judah Christian School
Veronika Sowers – University High School
Bailie Roy – Urbana High School

2012 Scholarship Award Recipients

Carli Ward – Centennial High School
Traniece Washington – Central High School
Natalie Durst – The High School of St. Thomas More
Brenna Fouts – Judah Christian School
Danyelle Clements – Urbana High School
Amalia Dolan – University High School

2011 Scholarship Award Recipients

Megan Stole – Centennial High School
Kaitlyn Cornell – Central High School
Jennifer Crull – The High School of St. Thomas More
Katelyn Smith – Judah Christian School
Myisha Howard – Urbana High School

2010 Scholarship Award Recipients

Masrura Nadima Faruque – Centennial High School
Bailey McClellan – Central High School
Brooke Happ – The High School of St. Thomas More
Jesse Widick – Judah Christian School
Maria Gao – University High School
Terish Catchings – Urbana High School

2009 Scholarship Award Recipients

Hannah Noonan – Centennial High School
Hannah Ellsworth – Central High School
Rachel Caulfield – The High School of St. Thomas More
Jordan Pince – Judah Christian School
Lizzy Warner – University High School
Taloya Walker – Urbana High School

First in the Family Scholarship

Each spring the Junior League of Champaign-Urbana presents a college scholarship award of $500 to one area high school, senior-class woman. The First in the Family scholarship is awarded to a first generation college bound female student from the Champaign-Urbana community who is committed to improving her community.

2019 – Jenny Yang – Champaign Central
2018- Ritu Jaswal- Centennial High School
2017 – Destiny Thompson – Centennial High School
2016 – Mia Radanavong—Urbana High School
2015 – Quyen Nguyen – University High School
2014 – Gabriela Rajic – Urbana High School
2013 – Vivian Bui – Centennial High School
2012 – Traniece Washington – Central High School
2011 – Laeticia Ngamboma – Urbana High School
2010 – Brooke Harris – Central High School