Member Awards

As a volunteer organization, recognizing the outstanding achievements of our members is of vital importance.  Therefore, we offer 2 awards to our membership that is given out at our May Annual Meeting:

It is our belief that these awards will increase the satisfaction of our overall membership because:

  1. it is good to be a part of an organization that acknowledges the outstanding efforts of its members;
  2. it provides members with a meaningful way to thank their fellow volunteers; and
  3. the good example of dedicated volunteers inspires and uplifts the entire organization.

Elizabeth Alexander Spirit Award

Elizabeth Williams Alexander joined JLCU in the summer of 1998.  Elizabeth was diagnosed with breast cancer but maintained her positive spirit throughout her ordeal, inspiring all those around her.

She succumbed to the disease on January 20, 2001, leaving behind a husband and two small daughters.  She spent only 2 years with us, but within that short time she touched so many with her passion for family, friendship and making her community a better place to live. The Elizabeth Alexander Spirit Award was created to celebrate her life.

Who is eligible to be an Elizabeth Alexander Spirit Award recipient?

Any New or Active member on any committee will be eligible to receive this award.  The committee will consider all nominations and determine who will receive the award; therefore they are not eligible for the award for the period of time that they are serving on the committee.
What is the criteria for nomination?

This award is intended for a member who:

  •  is dedicated to the JLCU mission;
  • is committed to community service outside JLCU;
  • is willing to step forward, whether behind the scenes or not, to get the job done when a need arises;
  • unselfishly puts the needs of family, friends and community before her own; and
  • consistently inspires others with optimism and spirit.
Past Recipients 

2020 – Lonndon Blake

2019 – Mary Wakefield

2018 – January Boten

2017 – Kristen Sackley

2016 – Jenette Jurczyk

2015 – Laura Gerhold

2014 – Katie Madigan

2013 – Jama Grotelueschen

2012 – Jennifer Parastaran

2011 – Jennifer Romine

2010 – Audrey LeGrande

2009 – Lisa Frerichs

2008 – Robin Pletcher

2007 – Kim W. Murphy

2006 – Jayne DeLuce

2005 – Janet Murray

2004 – Tammy Nicastro

2003 – Abby Hobbs

2002 – Laura Walsten

2001 – Kendy Stewart

Sustainer Community Impact Award

The purpose of this award is to provide an avenue for JLCU to publicly acknowledge the lifetime efforts of our Sustaining Members.

Who is eligible to be a Sustainer Community Impact Recipient?

Any current Sustainer member of JLCU will be eligible to receive this.  A committee consisting of the current President, the Sustainer Representative and the Community Impact Council VP will choose the winner, therefore the current Sustainer Representative will not be eligible.

What is the criteria for nomination?

This award is intended to recognize a Sustaining Member who has used the training she received during her active years in JLCU to improve communities beyond the years she was an active member.  The Sustainer will exhibit the following qualities:

  • Significantly impact the community;
  • Continues her commitment to voluntarism after completing her active membership in JLCU;
  • Remains involved with the non-profit sector, in paid or unpaid positions;
  • Continues to support the mission of JLCU.

Past Recipients

2020 – Danielle Wilberg

2019 – Suzanne Younger and Sue Young

2018 – Rebecca Guyette

2017 – Ryann Monahan

2016 – Tiffany Jackson

2015 – Mary Konken

2014 – Cathie Webber

2013 – Amy Armstrong

2012 – Gail Rost

2011 – Jeanene Stephens

2010 – Carol Sharlau