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Project Development Assistant Chair (2005) and Chair (2006), Sarah Laufenberg, joined Junior League to contribute to the community, maintain and further develop professional skills, and network. She is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Missouri, living in Champaign with her husband and children. Sarah is a part-time independent health care consultant who started her own LLC, Laufen Consulting.

Since her days on Project Development she has been an active volunteer serving as a Member of Session, a strategic planning committee of her church and President of Countryside School Association. Sarah enjoys gardening, biking, traveling and her book club. When asked about her favorite JLCU memory, Sarah recounted:

"During a Project Development meeting six years ago, we had a discussion about how we might quantify JLCU's impact in the community to better allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of our projects. During the discussion, I noticed Laura Frerichs hard at work on her laptop. Initially, I thought that something might have come up from work that she needed to address. In fact, she had taken that time to create a spreadsheet that we later used in our evaluations. Perhaps this answer is a bit wonky, but it was awesome to witness one of our members at work behind the scenes, an effort that later allowed JLCU to better evaluate and adjust projects to maximize its impact in the community."

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