Junior League of Champaign-Urbana

Junior League of Champaign-Urbana, Women building better communities

Done in a Meeting

2012-2013 Collections:

September: League Locker – school supplies
Items collected at the meeting:
4 rulers
12 folders
500 sheets of computer paper
360 sheets of lined paper
6 boxes of crayons
2 boxes of pencil-tip erasers
2 boxes of pink erasers
8 boxes of pencils
2 boxes of colored pencils
2 bottles of glue
2 boxes of glue sticks
4 new pairs of scissors
3 containers of wet-wipes
1 binder (plus lots of slightly used binders were dropped off at LL)
1 box of kleenex
30+ treasure chest toys
October: Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club - board games for all ages, sports equipment, active games, computer accessories, writing instruments, and treasure chest items
Items collected at the meeting:
Deck of Uno playing cards
Pack of 8 Sharpie Markers
Smart diploma binoculars
Baden – ESPN Playmakers Basketball
Baden-ESPN Playmakers Football
USAoply Inc. – Sync Up! Game
Buffalo Games – Imaginiff Game
Parker Brothers – Sorry Game
Parker Brothers – Monopoly Game
Bag of assorted figurines
Logitech computer keyboard
2 Logitech computer mice

November: Headstart winter accessories
Items collected at the meeting:
4 caps& gloves

29 caps/hats
16 knit gloves
6 thick nylon gloves
2 cap, glove & scarf sets
2 scarves
2 hooded sweaters
5 hooded jackets
1 sweater
4 jackets
1 hooded jumper
1 vest
1 pair of snow boots
1 pair of snow overalls

December: Crisis Nursery – items from their wish list
6 boxes of crackers
1 big box of animal crackers
3 sippy cups
3 packs of diapers
2 cans of formula
11 boxes of Mac-n-cheese
1 box of cookies

January: Smile Healthytoothbrushes, sugar free gum and candy, resealable bags
3 packs of sugar free gum
7 youth toothbrushes
2 adult toothbrushes
2 boxes of sandwich baggies

Past collection items include:
Emergency clothing for the Champaign-Urbana public schools
Mittens and hats for Head Start
Personal hygiene items for Coalition for Community Kids in Care
Used cell phones on behalf of Special Olympics

Junior League