Junior League of Champaign-Urbana, Women building better communities

Member Profiles


Active Member
Current Placement: President

Hometown: Hollister, California
UCLA, University of Michigan

Career Information
Social Service
Currently working in Community Outreach and Education, Family Service of Champaign County

Family Life:
2 Children
Currently resides in Urbana

Other Community/Organizational Involvement:
Habitat for Humanity Women Build Homes Board and United Way Emerging Community Leaders

Running, Hiking

Why I joined Junior League:

When I joined JLCU I was new to the area and I wanted to learn more about my community, meet new people, and volunteer. As a mom of 4 month old and a 20 month old I was also looking for a bit of sanity!

Why I continue my involvement with Junior League:

When Issue Based Community Impact was introduced the possibilities for expanding our community partnerships and increasing our impact in this community refocused my passion for JLCU. I knew that this was an organization that I wanted to help grow. I stay in JLCU (and you will never get rid of me) because I believe in the work we do in this community and I admire and respect the women I get the opportunity to interact with on a daily basis.

My favorite Junior League memory is:

I refuse to list just one! The first time I worked in the new League Locker I got to chat with some teachers about what a difference League Locker made in their classrooms and financially to their families. The interactions I had while building a Habitat for Humanity home alongside the future homeowner and her two children where equally amazing. That day was joyful and overwhelming! Finally, when we changed the Music Scholarship program to a rental based program I was the lucky league member who got to deliver 39 music instruments to Urbana middle school to the students who would get to play them! They cheered! They cried! I cheered and I cried! Beautiful!

How the Junior League has changed me or my life:

Oh, boy! You should never ask me this question. When I joined JLCU I was as stay-at-home mama and the work I did for JLCU gave me so much satisfaction. In fact it gave me a passion for community outreach. When I went back to work as an early childhood education researcher I loved the work on Subsidized childcare but I felt that it wasn't engaging enough and that I wasn't truly making a difference. Through my committee work, training, BOD work, strategic research, and AJLI conferences, JLCU gave me an unbelievable amount of training to take a leap of faith and move into the non-profit sector. When I left research to work in community education and outreach with Family Service of Champaign County I was given a chance to do what I love. JLCU provided me with the tools to pursue my passion. The work I do with JLCU is so closely tied to my work in the community and I love that everyday in one way or another I get to give back and that wouldn't have happened without league.